Yosemite 2017 / by Solomon Klein

Old Barn off of 140 enroute to Yosemite

This past March, we were back in Yosemite for another Yosemite conference. It was a great conference, and if you're an Apple nerd, you should think of going sometime (If I may say so. I do help organize it ;D ). You can find a collection of photos from the conference here.

And the rest of my photos, you can find below (and above).

Starlight and Half Dome

Yosemite Creek (Yes, this is a creek)

A Silver Mist

Little Trees

In The Magic Hour

We made it up to Tunnel View Point at around 5:30 to catch the sunrise. Ended up not being too much of a deal, but it still was very much worth it. And very cold--it was like 12 degrees when we made it up there. Somehow, Mr. Peterson's Magic Hour came to mind while we were there, but we had our own twist to the lyric:

Come climb the hill with me
Come and be still with me
Come and freeze solid, if you will, with me

Moonset Waterfall

The Upper Falls

And that be that. Thanks for checking in, and see you around!