"Don't you want to thank someone?" by Solomon Klein


So, it's Thanksgiving Day. Or, it is here. Maybe it's something else wherever you are. At any rate.

At the moment, things are pretty chill. We finished preparing 42 pounds of bird, and assorted bird auxiliaries. We'll make pies and things, and then, sometime this afternoon, we'll eat the aforementioned birdies and auxiliaries. Chances are you might do something similar, too.

Some point also, we may go around the table and have people say what they're thankful for. I have a list, probably looks like yours. Family, friends, health, house...

Oh, and food. Don't forget the food.

More specifically, here are some things I'm thankful for.

  • Mom and Dad who taught me most of what I know, and enabled me to learn more things. I'm thankful that they also put up with and encouraged my photographic experimentation.
  • Two strong hands that can still do things (not everyone has those, you know).
  • Inspirations like Duncan, Daniel, and Grandma, who make me want to make things.
  • Friends like Jebi who are good to me for no good reason.
  • And Jesus Christ, who opened my eyes twice.

The first time was some while ago. I don't have very good remembrance of the occasion, but I've lived this far to see the result of it. He gave me two eyes, and put me in an amazing world full of things, people, and places to see.

Then He opened them again, this time to see who I was, and who He is. And He did something for me that I could never do, and something I in no wise deserved. He made me His brother. And He made a way for me (and you; let's not forget you) to be reconciled with the Maker of all good things, when there was nothing good in me. And for that, I'm eternally thankful.

They say it's all about seeing. It is.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!