"Learn by play..." by Solomon Klein

So, there's some long, possibly silly, though certainly heart-warbling backstory to this, but I'll spare you. The short of it is, I've been finding myself photographing mac and cheese and espresso nearly every Tuesday afternoon for the better part of half a year. This has resulted in the accumulation of a significant body of work centered around pasta and coffee. 

I didn't have any hard rules when starting out, but in the end I stuck to these three.

  1. All photos were made with my iPhone (SE)
  2. All photos were made in a square format
  3. All photos were edited in Snapseed

It wasn't necessary, but that's just what I ended up doing for all these photos.

This "project" initially started out purely as a documentary effort, and for the most part remained such. But as it progressed, I began to look at this as being more than just a documentary series. It became an exercise in "seeing". 

Ok. Maybe this was just playing. Maybe...

I think that's ok. As my good friend Daniel would say, "We learn by play". 

Playing is important, because it allows us to try things in a not-too-serious fashion. If we're doing something "for real", we stick to already-established guidelines and formulas. We don't try new things. We don't experiment. We don't explore new ways of fixing things, or solving problems.

And, I think that's sad. There is a time for work, and there's a time for play. Let's not forget to play sometimes. 

And, have some mac and cheese. It's good for you.